Outdoor Lighting

Complement your home with striking illumination! Foraker Lawn Care will use their expertise to beautify any yard, patio, garden, pond, or architectural features of your home. Foraker Lawn Care is a certified installer of Lightcraft, an energy efficient, high quality, and reasonably priced lighting product that carries a lifetime warranty against chipping, peeling, or flaking on all finishes. Outdoor lighting adds warmth and beauty to your home and gives you a feeling of security.


Water Gardens and Ponds

Water gardens and ponds are becoming one of the most requested landscape projects. They create a beautiful focal point to any residential or commercial project and can be designed to fit virtually any existing landscape, no matter how large or small. Water gardens provide a relaxing atmosphere and enhance your property value, while adding years of enjoyment.


Irrigation Systems

Do you want to walk across a lush lawn and admire brilliant, green grass? If so, call Foraker Lawn Care and have a top-of-the-line irrigation system installed. It is a beautiful way to increase the value of your property, save water, and enjoy more free time!

An irrigation system will give you an even amount of water coverage to eliminate brown areas in your yard. And, no need to worry about rainy days! With the installed rain sensor, your system will shut off automatically, saving you water consumption.

Foraker Lawn Care uses systems such as Rainbird and Hunter - both quality irrigation products. We offer a one-year warranty on parts and labor. Foraker Lawn Care is also available to service and provide maintenance to irrigation systems including Spring start-up, head adjustment, and Fall shut-down.


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